Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How do i get rid of my blackheads and clogged pores on my chin?

i use proactiv and ive seen an improvment, but not 100%. i still get little white bumps on my chin that are oh so fun to squeeze. i still have blackheads on my nose but i have freckles so they dont bother me as much. but i want flawless skin. is there anyway to get rid of these stupid bumps? even when i used retin a micro they were still there. |||If you have health insurance, your best solution might be to visit a dermatologist. He/she can recommend prescription medications that are certain to work better than over-the-counter treatments, since they%26#039;ll be tailored to act on your particular skin problems. This is what I currently use for my acne; my dermatologist prescribed a regimen of Tazorac, Duac, and minocycline. It works fantastically!

In addition to these, I use a tea tree oil toner from Bliss Soaps, a local company in Seattle. It%26#039;s available from If you don%26#039;t want to mail-order your products, you could probably use any all-natural toner with a tea tree oil base. I cleanse my face with Cetaphil cleanser for sensitive skin. Be sure to use a gentle cleanser, since over-drying your face can cause your pores to tighten, trapping the blackheads inside. You also want to be sure to use a sunscreen during the day, since the medications increase the susceptibility of your skin to the sun. I use a Eucerin sunscreen/moisturizer with SPF 30. Any sunscreen marketed for facial use would probably work well.

Finally, I also use Biore pore strips occasionally; they can be useful for extracting clogs that are exposed at the surface of the skin.

Good luck!|||I saw the best results with medicated cream, it%26#039;s called Benzaclin. I got it to use on my acne, but it cleared my blackheads as well. The problem with %26quot;whiteheads%26quot; is that sometimes they come from the lotion you use to moisturize your face. %26quot; Whiteheads are form of acne and one of the greatest fears of the beauty - a build-up of oils, serum and dead skin that plugs up your pores.%26quot; that%26#039;s the answer I found on the internet. I found that exfoliating my face once or twice a week helps keep them at bay. Also I use the Johnson and Johnson cream cleanser and that helps my skin as well, but don%26#039;t use it too often as it will dry out your skin a bit. I usually live it on my skin for about 5 minutes. I use it on my face, my decolletage and my upper back if I see any signs of breakouts. I use that every day that I don%26#039;t use the Benzaclin.

Also if you do decide to go to your doctor and ask for the prescription but find out that it%26#039;s too expensive, go to and get their prescription discount card, it took off about 40% off.|||It might be overkill, but if you want acne completely gone, I%26#039;ve heard great things about ZenMed. I came across a website that has found a bunch of customer feedback about ZenMed. Your best bet is to at least check it out:鈥?/a>

Best of luck|||Goto the body shop! Just tell them whats up and they help! And most there stuff smells real nice! And its all natural so its good for your skin! The tea tree and sea weed are the best things for blackheads from there i think!

Does anyone know what is effective to shrink my enlarged pores of my face?

Because my subesus glad is very active I have very oily skin, thus I have enlarged pores. I was wondering does anyone know any product or face pack which is very effective to shrink those enlarged pores. Would be very helpful, if anyone please respnse. Thanks a lot.|||First of all wash your face only 2 times a day, that way you will not remove natural oil and your skin won%26#039;t compensate it. In the evening wash with warm water (15 splashes) and follow with cool water (15 splashes). Get Oil of Olay cleansing towelettes for oily skin type, it will help to remove excess oil and your pores will not clog.

Don%26#039;t use alcohol on your face.

In the morning wash your face with regular cleanser for oily skin type. And follow with moisturizer for oily skin types.

This should help your problem. When you follow this your pores will shrink a little. But they won%26#039;t go away forever as you have oily skin type and enlarged pores are typical for this type of skin.|||Go to the fridge and get an egg , seperate the yolk from the white, get the white and rub all over the place let it dry then wash off with mild soap and onley cold water. I learned this thirty yrs ago in high scool health class.|||First address the oiliness. Drink plenty of water, proper nutrition, supplements; helping body internal as well as externally. Use a pH correct skin care system that will help to control the oil, yet moisturize the skin. The glands may be overactive due to the skin being %26quot;dehydrated%26quot;. Most skin care is not pH correct, which is not the same as balanced. Eliminate drying alcohols as it will strip the skin of it%26#039;s correct pH. Masques will help to shrink the pores. Product resources available.|||i believe models use hemmoroid cream to reduce the size of pimples, bags under their eyes etc.|||Gycolic facials, or try Oil of Olay shimmer. There are so many over the counter products. I also get facials, helps alot.

How to minimize my pores and clear blackheads?

I heard the biore products are the best. If you think other products are better please say! There is so many to choose from. Which product or products will clear my blackheads and make my huge pores in my nose small? Also how long does it take to show results? :P thanks so much it really means alot to me. p.s im a guy :)|||Use blackhead strips you can get them from home bargins for 拢2 and you get like 8 strips use 1 every 2 days and it should work within%26#039; a week

hope i helped|||Freederm stuff is good, its not too expensive either.

I tried a few clearasil products but they all dry your skin out which then encourages it to be even greasier.

So yeah freederm, theyve got a wash, cream and moisturiser so for best results use all 3. And moisturising with their stuff won%26#039;t make your skin greasier either.|||The Clinique pore minimizer is fab it closes pores and clears the skin up perfectly. You can buy cheap clinique from http:www:// and it is definately worth a try!|||try using tea tree oil as a toner to retract your pores, or any other toner (the vit e one from Boots is cheap as chips and works great).

As for balckheads, you cna try making some of thos estrips by using cooking gelatine.|||I always use the Biore line of products and it works great for me. ||||||i find clearasil deep cleanse pore scrub really works, and try face wipes at night too

How do I get rid of white heads in my pores?

for some reason i have clogged pores ONLY on my nose its filled with white heads and im tried a bunch of different remedies including pore strips nothing seems to work any advice?|||If your Afro American as your pic shows........I would ask a doctor. Your skin scars easily and your nose never should be poked or squeesed the small capularies break and the poors get bigger.|||strong sticky tape it will rip em right out|||Pro Active is the only thing that worked for my husband.|||An OTC topical medication is usually recommended for those people with whiteheads or mild acne. Apply the topical medicine directly onto the whiteheds and any other affected area of the skin.

You can鈥檛 get rid of whiteheads or blackheads overnight. It takes time. If used regularly, OTC topical medicines can be reasonably effective. Be patient. It might take 8 weeks or more before you will notice any difference in your skin. Most treatments would several weeks or even months before you can see any noticeable change.

Common OTC acne medicines used to treat acne include benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, resorcinol and sulfur. Each of this works differently and has different effects on the acne.

Benzoyl peroxide is useful for a mild case of comedones. It can also help to prevent formation of more whiteheads.

The effects of benzoyl peroxide are:

Antibacterial 鈥?Destroys and inhibits the growth of acne bacteria

Decreases the chemical reaction that cause changes to the lining of the hair follicle. This may help reduce the plugging that causes comedones.

Resorcinol and sulfur help to break down comedones like whiteheads and blackheads.

In addition to breaking down whiteheads and blackheads, salicylic acid also helps to reduce the shedding of cells lining the follicles of the sebaceous glands.

Topical OTC acne medicines come in various forms. It could be in the form of a gel, a lotion, a cream, a soap or pads.

Tretinoin (Retin-A, Avita, Renova) is the chief ingredient used in treatment of whiteheads and blackheads. Tretinoin is a derivative of vitamin A.

The effects of tretinoin are:

Increases skin cell renewal

Reduces the %26quot;stickiness%26quot; of the sloughed cells

Causes expulsion of plugged material

Converts closed comedones into open comedones. The material in these newly converted open comedones can be easily extruded.

Extraction may be used by a health care provider on open comedones or blackheads. This process is performed using a device called a comedone extractor. This is a small, metal, circular instrument that is centered on the comedone and pushes down the surrounding skin, causing the plug to extrude.|||Yep. You gotta go to a dermatologist. Instead of wasting a bunch of money on over-the-counter meds, use that money to see a doctor who knows what he%26#039;s doing. I went to a dermatologist a few years ago, and it changed my life around.|||Try srcub kind of Things, don%26#039;t u watch TV?

How to make your pores in the skin smaller?

My pores are quite big and I have quite a lot is there any way to make them smaller?|||A skin transplant.... doctors in Japan can now remove skin from dead kangaroos and use it on your face. Kangaroo skin has very small pores so you will look beautiful! but brown...|||There are various creams you can buy from drug stores, places like Walmart, Target, Ulta, Sephora, that you can put on your skin to minimize the pore size.

What's the best way of getting rid of blocked pores/blackheads on your back?

They are not that bad, but it would be nice to have completely clear skin.

Any product recommendations?

Thanks for your help!!|||I use a back scrubber when im in the bath, you can buy them from anywhere. I personally wouldnt use a product as it tends to block the pores up more!! Give your back a good scrub with warm soapy water and then finally rinse with cold water as cold as you can bare...this then closes the pores back up so bacteria and dirt cant get in as easily. Hope this helps.|||Buy an exfoliating body puff from Superdrug, lather up with Wrights Coal Tar soap and get your lass to give your back a good scrub.|||For blackheads i use Clean %26amp; Clear blackhead clearing cleanser.

Im not sure if it would work on your back but i suppose anythings possible.|||Use Clearasil cleanser it works wonders.


Did microdermabrasion appear to help lessen the size of your pores?

I have huge pores, and I heard that microdermabsion helps with that. Therefore, I was wondering whether microdermabsion did anything for the appearance of your pores?

Also, are people who are prone to keloid scarring bad candidates for microdermabrasion?|||Yep, they do! But be careful if you have acne.